First week plans: a tentative look

I guess I'm going to jump on the bandwagon here and share my plans for the first week of school. At my school, we'll be starting on a Thursday, with the first week being only 2 days. I plan to do some fun beginning of the year type activities on those first two days and... Continue Reading →


iFLT 15 overview

I have to start off with a bit of "reader discretion advised:" I'm not a solid believer in all of the logistics of TPRS. I think that as a method, it has pros and cons, and I went to this conference not being a "believer" in all of it. From explicit translation to an overabundance... Continue Reading →

Two rivets for change

Have you ever heard of the two rivet rule? I hadn't until recently during a devotional that I had been reading, and I think that the idea is fascinating. Apparently, when the Golden Gate Bridge was built in San Francisco, the engineers thought that it would withstand earthquakes. Unfortunately, that was a lofty dream, with the... Continue Reading →

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