Joli Jeudi

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great week! I thought that this year, with my focus on positivity, I'd start posting on "joli jeudi," where I share some "pretty" awesome things that happened this week (my adjective of choice right now is "beautiful," so it's fitting!) I love my schools and my department! They've... Continue Reading →


First week reflection and resources

Whew. Only two days into the school year and I'm feeling a ton of different emotions! Sometimes I feel like no matter how much I plan, I always start the school year "behind." Instead of focusing on that, I'd like to share a bit with all of you. Successes from the first week: My school... Continue Reading →

Let’s be positive

As we're ready to head back to school, and some of you already have, I've seen my fellow bloggers sharing tons of resources for the beginning of the year. While I've got parent letters, seating chart outlines, rules and expectations, and the like, I decided to share something different with all of you today. The... Continue Reading →

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