Joli jeudi #5

Hey everyone! It's been another great week here, and I hope that it's been excellent for you as well! I really think that these posts are helping me to stay positive! This week I'm excited about: Using my iPad to grade on Schoology. A colleague told me that this has been great for her, and now... Continue Reading →


Authres: Hobbies

Don't you love when you stumble across an authentic resource that NAILS exactly what you're trying to do with your class? I know that I do! And I can't take all the credit for this one, my colleague found it, but I wanted to share out with all of you. We're reviewing from last year... Continue Reading →

Joli jeudi #4

Hey everyone! This week really has been amazing, so I'll share some of the positives with you: Professional Development: I had two days of PD this week, and while the sub plans made my head spin, I enjoyed both days of PD. One day was on blended learning, and the second on vocabulary instruction. I... Continue Reading →

Joli jeudi #3

Hey everyone! It has been a super frustrating Thursday for me, but I'm doing my best to remember all the reasons I have to smile! Today I dealt with everything from crazy students to automated customer service and rude employees, I thought I might pull my hair out. Nonetheless, here's my list of "jolis" from the... Continue Reading →

School year update!

Well, I'm going to take a page out of most everyone else's books and write about my school year this year! Whew! It's been an amazing 12 days of school so far! I love my new district - they're very welcoming, my department is great, and I feel like even though the school is bigger,... Continue Reading →

Joli jeudi #2

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great week this week! I just wanted to share some awesome things that happened for me this week in an effort to be more positive! (I'll admit, this week got a little silly) Station PD: I always say how awful I am at stations, and today I had... Continue Reading →

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