Joli jeudi #3

Hey everyone! It has been a super frustrating Thursday for me, but I’m doing my best to remember all the reasons I have to smile! Today I dealt with everything from crazy students to automated customer service and rude employees, I thought I might pull my hair out. Nonetheless, here’s my list of “jolis” from the week:

  • Heartwarming tweets. Today was our first after school staff meeting at my new school. We had to create a presentations in a group of about 10 and share it with other teachers. I was appointed to make a Haiku Deck (gosh, I forgot how much I LOVE Haiku Deck!) and then I just went ahead and shared with ~30 staff members in our “breakout” group. I didn’t realize until after that about 98% of that group didn’t know me. One of our teacher/instructional coaches took a picture and tweeted about how I presented at my first faculty meeting and it definitely turned my day around. It’s so nice to be appreciated. (I retweeted it if you follow me on twitter – I’m only slightly embarrassed that my presentation mode didn’t work on AirPlay and you can see that in the picture)
  • Eager students.I made it very clear between the last assessment and this one that in order to get a 4 on our standards based grading scale (the highest score possible) I need to see that “stretch.” I also told students they are always allowed to retake an assessment if they want a higher grade. My final class of 8th graders today were SO eager and excited to show me what they knew how to say. Our assessment was over asking someone’s name and introducing yourself, but I had two girls who went above and beyond – they said “enchantée” after hearing the other’s name, asked how the other one was (which we learned THIS WEEK) and responded. I was so excited to see how much my students have gained from class!
  • My planner will be here … soon? As I wrote last week, my Plum Paper Planner was scheduled to be delivered Tuesday … then Wednesday … and it’s Thursday and my package seems to be in limbo. No one can give me updated tracking info. Even though I got nowhere with automated customer service, at least my package has shipped and is within an hour of where I live. It should be here soon, and I will be even more excited when it is.
  • A wonderful dinner. My loving husband took me out for a wonderful dinner because my day today was so stressful. Husbands are truly the best.
  • An alien deer space blobmoji … with mittens. So, Google changed my Apple-based emojis to the android version of emojis – which look like blob creatures. I was explaining to the same class as above that these must be “blobmojis” and I kept drawing them to illustrate different emotions. Well, I’m not the most artistic, and I draw “angry” with those crazy eyebrows that end up off of your face … and the kids confused them with antenna … so I gave him antenna. And then they though those were antlers … so I gave him antlers, too, to avoid confusion. Someone else thought the antlers were arms … so I gave him arms … with no hands. I can’t draw hands, so someone told me to give him mittens. Long story short, I think he will be a character in our upcoming stories, and my kids love him enough to redraw him on the board each day … isn’t he CUTE?!
    My blobmoji, yet to be named
    My blobmoji, yet to be named

    That’s all I’ve got tonight. I hope that everyone else had a joli week. I’d love to hear about them on twitter, in the comments, or on your own blog!


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