Authres: Hobbies

Don’t you love when you stumble across an authentic resource that NAILS exactly what you’re trying to do with your class? I know that I do! And I can’t take all the credit for this one, my colleague found it, but I wanted to share out with all of you.

We’re reviewing from last year about what activities that you do, and adding in personalized activities for each student. We’re also going to be sharing how often you do those activities, and were hoping to survey students about their preferences. That’s where this beautiful #authres comes in.

It’s an authentic survey that asks students how often they do certain activities. All of the “big names” are there: video games, TV, “radio,” reading, but includes some out-of-the-box things, like if you get an allowance, time spent in a library, and your future activities.

Here’s how I’m thinking you could use this in your class:

  1. Give out a page (or two) of the survey. Have students answer the questions about themselves. Then, make a few copies, or upload them online. In groups of two, students could make graphs about the different questions. Graphs could be things like “How often our class listens to music,” “Our favorite TV shows,” etc. I’m thinking that would be a great level two activity, or towards the end of level one.
  2. Partner activity: each partner would receive a copy, ask their partner a certain number, set, or example questions, and let them check the box that sounds most like their partner’s answer. Again, I think level two is best for this activity.
  3. Cognates practice. Wow, if you ever need an authentic resources where cognates abound, this would be it. You could have student highlight cognates, guess what certain words mean (and give them the corresponding question(s) for reference) or complete the Creative Language Class’ cognates activities (level one, level two)
  4. What we’re planning on doing is using this as a summative interpretive reading assessment. We’re going to check some boxes off, and then follow the questions for an interpretive reading assessment from ACTFL. We’ll have students answer these questions in English, identifying key words, guessing meaning based on context, and asking general understanding questions. I’m toying with the idea of asking students to write 2 or 3 ways they are similar/different to the person who “completed” the survey. This would be for level two as well.

What about you? How would you use this resource in your classes? I hope that you can, and that you’ll share how it went with me on twitter or in the comments!

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