Joli jeudi #5

Hey everyone! It’s been another great week here, and I hope that it’s been excellent for you as well! I really think that these posts are helping me to stay positive!

This week I’m excited about:

  1. Using my iPad to grade on Schoology. A colleague told me that this has been great for her, and now I love it too! When students submit assignments on Schoology, you can “mark them up,” using text, highlights, strikethroughs, and writing with a pen. I drew a student a picture of Batman, since he was describing Bruce Wayne!
  2. Immediate feedback. This is one of my goals for this year, and I’m doing great so far. Though PD has thrown off a couple of “instant” feedback opportunities, I’ve been grading assessments and homework within 1-2 days and cutting back on other collected work. It’s been awesome!
  3. Assessment redos! The way that we’re doing SBG, if you don’t show proficiency, you have to redo it. The new grade replaces the old grade. My kids have been great sports about redos, and I even have some students who want to redo their “proficient” score to get a higher one!
  4. Teacher stations: One thing that I never considered during a station rotation is having a “teacher” station. I sat with my level twos students this week, and we talked together, and it REALLY gave me a snapshot of where each student is and what they can do with the language. When I surveyed students, they said that station was the most helpful because I was there to coach them through things. ❤
  5. Extra curricular: I love getting involved with student activities. My husband calls it “not being home,” I call it “helping students find their passions.” I’m working with the French club this year, and hopefully also a little bit with our Speech and Debate team! Woohoo!

What’s positive and working for you this week? I can’t wait to hear about them!


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