Joli jeudi #9

This is a quick "joli jeudi" post from parent teacher conferences while I don't have a parent waiting. Happy things happening this week: Go formative and Class Kick: My tech tools of this week have been GoFormative, for quick formative checks - you can watch student work and give them feedback in the moment -... Continue Reading →


Quoi de neuf?

I was planning a post to update what I've been working on in my classes, and of course, Melanie got there first. We're always on the same wavelength. Truth is, I've been so concerned with this year's changes, that I haven't been focusing on the language. Rather than 90% French, we've been spending class in... Continue Reading →

Sage vs. Coach

I'd like to openly blog about one of the current "hot topics" in education. I, personally and professionally, am an advocate for this topic. I changed schools to one where they're moving to this type of teaching, and I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of. I'm just not actually very... Continue Reading →

Joli jeudi #8

Even though my Thursday was too jam-packed to post, it's been another great week here! This is the great stuff that happened this week: Test proctoring: I know that this seems like a weird thing to include in my list of positives, but I was able to spend that time making short lists (while actively... Continue Reading →

Joli jeudi #6 and #7

Whew. Has it been a week. Last week I dropped the ball on joli jeudi, but have no fear! I did have quite the joli week, I was just a little too busy to blog about it. I'll make up for that here. This week has been a rough one - DEVOLSON (if you don't... Continue Reading →

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