Joli jeudi #6 and #7

Whew. Has it been a week. Last week I dropped the ball on joli jeudi, but have no fear! I did have quite the joli week, I was just a little too busy to blog about it. I’ll make up for that here.

This week has been a rough one – DEVOLSON (if you don’t know what that is, read about it here — it’s a real problem!) has hit and I’ve been struggling to stay positive. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing positive about it, though!

  • Spirit week: It’s homecoming week at the high school this week, and in addition to wearing jeans, that mean that I got to: represent my university, wear tie dye (my preferred kind of shirt, btw), come to school in one of my husband’s flannels, and tomorrow is my first pep rally at new school. A lot of fun there; students think I’m crazy, but I love dressing up.
  • Fall themed beverages: no matter your preference of pumpkin or not, tea or coffee, we can all agree that fall themed beverages are clearly some of the best out there.
  • Wonderful colleagues: Whether at school or on twitter, colleagues have come rushing to my aide this week and I really appreciate the help and support. One day, I hope to get the chance to help you all in the same way.
  • My students: no matter what kind of day I’m having, my students pick up on that. They’ve really been supportive this week, when I haven’t been at my best, and I really appreciate them for that.
  • Technology: This year I’m pushing myself to give up some control and not be the “sage on the stage.” It’s a tough endeavor, but I could not be more thankful that my students have devices – it helps me get and keep students working at their pace, which I think has helped a lot!

I’d love to hear about how you’re combatting DEVOLSON, and any positivity that you have this week!


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