Joli jeudi #8

Even though my Thursday was too jam-packed to post, it’s been another great week here! This is the great stuff that happened this week:

  • Test proctoring: I know that this seems like a weird thing to include in my list of positives, but I was able to spend that time making short lists (while actively monitoring, don’t worry!), spend a large chunk of time without my device (I need more opportunities like this. Seriously, it was GREAT), and think about lessons.
  • Being caught up: For the first time in my teaching career (this year, two full years, and student teaching) I am CAUGHT UP ON GRADING and the quarter ends next week! I’ve got a few kids to hunt down for retakes, but other than that, I’m doing well. This helped me breathe easier during the test I proctored; I didn’t feel like I was wasting time that I could be grading, etc.
  • A long weekend: Fall is the best time for long weekends. So crisp, so great. I’m hoping to comb through the #TFLA15, #ICTFL15, and #TCIMAINE15 tweets to inspire myself this weekend!
  • Staff camaraderie: The middle schools in our district are participating in a staff softball tournament next week and one of the middle schools practiced today. I usually don’t participate in staff things, but I’m definitely trying to be more visible this year.
  • French exchange student: We have an exchange student from France at the high school this year, and at French Club, she talked to us about her life, discounted stereotypes (and confirmed a few) of France/the French, and answered any questions that our students had. She was super excited and we were happy to have her!

What’s going on for you this week?


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