Joli jeudi #9

This is a quick “joli jeudi” post from parent teacher conferences while I don’t have a parent waiting.

Happy things happening this week:

  • Go formative and Class Kick: My tech tools of this week have been GoFormative, for quick formative checks – you can watch student work and give them feedback in the moment – LOVE it for reading and describing, reading and drawing, etc. You can even add other kinds of content – check it out! And I used a similar tool – Class Kick (iPad only) for my middle school students with iPads – works the same way, but students can also “raise their hand” from their device, and you get a notification that they need help – REALLY great for shy students, or those who don’t like raising their hand out loud. You can use screenshots, videos, and audio as questions, and give students instant feedback by drawing or giving stickers and points (my middle schoolers LOVE the stickers) – overall, a great tech week!
  • Nearpod District: Today I got an email that my Nearpod account has been upgraded to the District edition; HOORAY. Can’t wait to utilize this in class à la Sra Spanglish
  • Great parent feedback: I’ve heard a few times this evening, “[my student] loves your class!” and man, that warms my heart and speaks to my soul! I love great parent conferences, and hearing their perspective on their students!

What was great for you this week? I can’t wait to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “Joli jeudi #9

  1. I’m with you on the good comments! I heard a few during conferences last week, and during some of our free writes this week, several kids mentioned how much they like Spanish, or how much they feel like they’ve learned already this year. It never gets old, and it makes me hope that some of these kids will stick with me for 4 years, and keep going after high school!

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