Goals update

Way back in August, I blogged about the two rivet rule and what that meant for changes in my classroom. I’m excited to update my goals for the rest of the year based on that same rule.

Change #1: Standards-based grading

I LOVE standards based grading. It’s been the catalyst for all types of change in my classroom, including not grading everything, having time to give feedback (more in change #2), and focusing on what my students CAN do. My colleague made a standards-based rubric before I was ever in the picture, so a lot of the hard decisions were made for me. I planned on using the rubric for consistency across levels, but I never imagined that it would be as great as it is! I love telling my students why they met the standard or why they didn’t, in simple terms, and it’s been a breeze grading our IPA style end-of-unit assessments. Without worrying about giving a numeric value that students could contest (how exactly is an 89% different than a 90%, in terms of what students can do?), I can focus on the feedback that I’m giving instead of calculating a number that students don’t see past.

Change #2: Meaningful feedback

I’m halfway to where I want to be on this. I definitely need practice on giving feedback, and I’d love to have a “stock” kind of list that I can pull from, similar to Amy’s plus/delta feedback. Plus, by not grading every single assignment a student completes, I have time to give feedback on assessments, and to grade those in a timely fashion. With the exception of end-of-unit IPAs (I have 93 in level one, yikes!) and two other assessments (whoops!) I’ve had all assessments, projects, homework, etc. graded, in the online gradebook, and handed back out the next day. Talk about streamlining! I’d like to give out more feedback on other, non-graded assignments, but that’s coming as well.

So what does this mean for the future?

I’m deciding on new changes to make in the classroom. I’m pushed everyday by my PLC, but at the same time, I feel the need to do ALL OF THE THINGS ALL OF THE TIME, and that’s honestly not where I am as a teacher. (See Melanie’s wonderful post that captured all of my feelings to a T!) I’m working on two new things:

More TL, more TL, more TL! I’m not setting a goal of 90%, but I’m working on speaking more and more. I see some of my students stuck in a proficiency level lower than where they should be, and I have to be honest that I’m the thing that keeps us from speaking the TL most of the time. I’m making an intentional effort to be better about this.

Culture, all day, every day: Like I said in my recent post, I’m inspired by what the ladies at the Creative Language Class are (were?) doing with culture. I’ve created ways to inject more culture into my daily lessons, and I’m loving it so far and can’t wait to talk about it more and more in the TL. I found myself thinking “I wish I had more time for culture, but I need to get through this material,” and that’s when I knew I was going about culture all wrong. I do feel pressure to keep pace with my colleague, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t infuse culture when I can; our current unit is about holidays, and I was trying to leave culture out of it. Silly me.

How are your school year goals progressing? I’d love to hear more about them in the comments or in your own post. Props again to Melanie for being a step ahead of me on this one.


One thought on “Goals update

  1. Reply about standards-based grading: I agree that it is a much better way, however, in my school I have to give a number grade on the quarterly report card and a grade range on the interim reports. I am struggling this year with some students who are devastated because they “only” got a 98 on a test, and I know that parents also compare grades of their children with others– they get upset if a grade drops five points between quarters even though the student has progressed a level.
    How does your school report “grades:?

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