End of year confessions!

First confession: I have not been motivated to blog. I’m going to shift my blame to Thomas Sauer, who told me to “stop writing great blog posts!” But really, I know that it’s because April and May take over and so many things fall to the wayside, including my motivation that way so rampant and prevalent in all that I did back in August.

Inspired by Allison (and Megan, too!) I decided to share my end of the year confessions. This part of the year is hard for all of us, and if there’s anything I want others to get out of my blog, it’s that I’m simply human. I am not a perfect person, teacher, wife, or friend. And though I have a lot of people that “look up” to me (which is terrifying if you knew how specifically imperfect I am), I never want to give the impression that things always work well in my world! This is, admittedly, the first May where I don’t feel like I am drowning in the weight of everything on my to-do list, but I’ve still got a lot to confess!

So here you have it, my end of the year (May, mostly) confessions. I even set up my own hashtag to chronicle how I felt this year. Feel free to use #itsMay for the shenanigans happening in your world! (Turns out a lot of people are using the same hashtag already … let the hilarity ensue!)

  1. I am notorious for loving sleep. The amount of sleep I need to function well is potentially inhuman. A lot of teachers (friends, normal people) make fun of me because I go to bed SO early and I am SO young. I normally sleep for nine hours a night, but last Wednesday, I was caught up on grading, and I went to bed at 5PM. I woke up the next morning at 4AM. Yes friends, I slept for 11 hours. #itsMay
  2. I am mildly “crafty” and since summer is around the corner, I ordered a lot of things online to start some DIY projects when school is out. I may have spent at least one (let’s be honest … two) of my (entire) planning periods tracking my various packages online instead of doing other things.
  3. I don’t show movies. At my last school, you weren’t allowed to show full movies unless they were a written part of the curriculum, and that is still engrained in me. But I showed one at the end of French 2 this year because we had a week left over and I had nothing left in me. It was “Au revoir, les enfants,” and my students loved it, and we were able to talk a lot about it.
  4. As I struggled to make engaging lesson plans, to stay motivated, and to plan well for the end of the year, I daydreamed to planning a really good “May unit” for next year, so that I don’t encounter these problems with motivation, and I can just enact a really good plan. I spent a lot of time thinking of what I should include in that unit, and wasted a lot of time not planning this year’s activities. Oops?
  5. One of my lessons for last week was planned. And it was okay, for the most part. But at 7:05, I thought it was missing something. So, I decided last minute to take my kids to an optional assembly about being or hosting a foreign exchange student. Even though it was relevant to what my class is about, I felt really guilty about taking them.
  6. Just like I go to bed early, I am usually awake about 10 minutes before for my alarm. If I’m not, I usually pop straight out of bed at the first buzz, because I am a textbook example of a morning person. This week, I’ve been snoozing my alarm “just one more time” and trying to get ready for school with 45 less minutes than normal.
  7. The only motivation I’ve had to plan outfits or get dressed is to say, “you can probably wear sandals with that!” Because as most female teachers know, by this point in the year, my flats smell about as wonderful as the trash at my apartment that I haven’t taken out in about a week.
  8. My husband works retail. Thusly, it works out (tragically) that he works on a lot of the nights where I can feel comfortable leaving school at contract time. If he’s not home, I give myself a big #itsMay and dinner consists of PBJ sandwiches or Chicken Fries from the freezer. If I’m feeling particularly motivated, I’ll make chocolate chip pancakes or a giant casserole that will negate the need to make dinner … For the next week.
  9. How do I motivate myself to grade in May, you ask? STICKERS. Every assignment in May gets stickers and/or giant smiley faces. Last week I put a smiley face on an assignment for every new vocabulary word a student used. When I passed them back, one of my girls said, “Madame, were you really happy when you graded these?” Au contraire, ma petite, au contraire!
  10. At the end of each school year, I get really antsy for next school year! I know that I’m supposed to be excited about summer and for the break, but I look forward to having time to rewrite or tweak things that I made this year … even if I don’t get to them!

There you have it, confessions from a teacher at the end of year 3 (eep!) Hope this helps you, made you laugh, or encourages you to keep going in the final lap!


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  1. I love these end-of-year confessions posts. Don’t let yourself feel guilty for one second about having students learn about being or hosting an exchange student! Isn’t what we’re doing all about communication, and what better opportunity to do just that than participating in an exchange? When I was a student, language learning was highly motivated by the idea that it would lead to adventure. Nowadays, as a teacher who organizes an exchange, I see firsthand how much of an impact it has. I think taking them was good teaching!

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