Why I #FridayFeedback

Looks like I’ve got to clean out the cobwebs forming in the corners of my blog for this one.

Do you get feedback from your students? Do you get feedback from your students and actually read it? Do you get feedback from your students, actually read it, and then use it to inform your teaching? I know, it’s really hard to do. I’m sometimes a mix of all three, but I’ve really been trying to be better.

There’s a ton of research that shows that choice is a motivator for students, so I love little opportunities to get them to tell me what they like in class. I also love hearing their opinions, because while 50% of students tell me that they loved the most exciting thing we did that week, the other 50% tell me that they like the activities that I thought were “boring.” They like the activities that weren’t as engaging, but helped them with little aspects, made them feel confident, or got them out of their chairs for a few minutes of a day that seemed long and dull otherwise. It reminds me that even when I don’t think a lesson went over well, my students got something out of it, even if it’s only a few of them. It also helps me plan activities for the next week of class, with students’ ideas fresh in my mind.

That’s why I use Friday Feedback – coined by Creative Language Class and shared with me by Allison Wienhold. At the end of each Friday, we wrap up a few minutes early, I remind students of the activities we completed this week, and they write about their favorite one and tell me why. I love reading the “why” parts. I’m going to share a few of my favorite ones from last Friday with you:








I hope you feel inspired to get feedback from your students! I’d love to hear how it goes!


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