#langchat sessions at ACTFL!

In the event that you’re reading this hoping to see me at ACTFL, sadly I will not be attending. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t help out my fellow tweeps who will be representing #langchat while in Boston!

Here’s a list of langchatters who will be presenting at ACTFL – be sure to stop by and meet them, attend their sessions, or share the name with a friend!

Friday, November 17th:

1:15 PM – #authres in FLES – by @SraWillis and @MaryJoAdams1

1:30 PM – Chat it up – engaging students in twitter chats for proficiency – by @kmcneese and @RhulsHuls

2:30 PM – Using target language: it’s not just about what you say but how you say it! – assisted by @profepj3

3:45: Party Like it’s MMXVI: The Fun and the Fruit of 21st Century Latin Teaching – by @IndwellingLang

3:45 PM: Canela: A Movie Unit for Spanish 1 by @karacjacobs

5:00 PM – Detour Ahead! Overcoming road blocks to staying in the target language – by @profepj3

Saturday, November 18th:

8:00 AM- part of the impACTFL voices series: Pathways to Proficiency – by @profepj3 and @SECottrell

5:15 PM Textbook as AID: Adapt, Incorporate, Ditch – by @SECottrell

Sunday, November 19th:

8:00 AM – Yes we can! The NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-do Statements with Early Language Learners – by @Nathanlutz

8:00 AM Interpersonal Speaking Boot Camp: Live-Graded Power Stations by @MmeBlouwolff


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