If you happen to be a person who is discouraged, discouraged, or disheartened by the present situation of #langchat, please know that I feel that way too.

If you happen to be a person who is looking for someone to blame for the present situation of #langchat, please know that I am the one who initially suggested this change, with the same tears in my eyes then as I have now.

If you happen to be a person who is angry, I will listen to you anger, and for the most part, I will not argue. I am also angry.

If you happen to be a person that is shocked, I understand, and I ask you to consider that is much more that does or does not happen behind the scenes to make each chat a reality.

If you happen to be a person who has suggestions for our team, I thank you for sharing them respectfully. I also have many suggestions for the future.

If you happen to be a person who wants to do what they can to help us toward the future, I thank you, and I promise there will be a time when your help is needed.

If you happen to be a person who speaks to the importance of #langchat, especially for new teachers, I nod my head vigorously. #Langchat is the reason that I didn’t quit teaching after my first year, and the reason I maintain a professional social media presence at all.

If you happen to be a person who has “the answer” to our situation, please feel free to voice it. Please know that I have thought of every possible scenario and outcome for the future, and what the best interests of #langchat are.

If happen to be a person who thinks this is a selfish choice, please know that I always do my best to think of the whole #langchat population with every choice that I make.


There is so much that I wish you all knew about how hard it has been to continue #langchat in the past year. We’ve lost so many great mods to weariness. #Langchat, while not my brainchild, is a massively important part of who I am.

But that’s just the thing. #Langchat is not me. It’s not you. #Langchat is not about one person, one mod, one new teacher, one colleague. #Langchat is a group of educators who are passionate about doing the best at their jobs, for reflecting on what that looks like, and for posing the right questions, regardless if there are any “right” answers out there. #Langchat is a community, and I understand right now that community is hurt. If I could openly share my frustrations, I would, but instead I’ll just tell you this:

We moderators love #langchat. We have ideas for the future, just like you. We are busy, sad, angry, hopeful, and reflective, just as you are.

But #langchat is not about us.
We are not the makeup of #langchat; our participants are.

If you have free time on Thursday nights or Saturday mornings, feel free to converse respectfully while using the hashtag you have come to know, love, wait for, and find solace in. We’re not stopping you from learning, from talking, from asking those questions. We moderators can’t exist without you, the participants. Your suggestions, thoughts, and comments guide all that we do. You are much more #langchat than we are. I’m sorry we’re all going through this season, but please know that we, underneath the profile pics and gifs, are people. We feel it too.


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  1. The moderators are awesome people and I greatly appreciate their selflessness and dedication. Initially I was bummed but y sweet hubby encouraged me to just “chat” with whoever is available on Thursdays. He said the participants can keep it going on the days we don’t have a scheduled chat with an official topic. I’m up for a #FreeForAll chat! 🙂

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