Infographic syllabus, year three

Hey everyone! I thought I’d share this year’s infographic syllabus, since it’s getting to be about that lovely back to school time!

Last year I wrote all about how using the same resources is enough, and this year is no different. I decided to use the same syllabus that’s been working for me for two years, and bring it into a third!

I did a little clean up on the bottom, if you compare to last year’s syllabus. Last year’s paragraph was long and I doubt many students read it all the way to the end. So, I broke those smaller chunks up into their own sections, to be sure that students could find the info they’re looking for, at a glance. Other than the year, room number, and times to meet with me, not much has changed. I did a little resizing and shifting so that everything would fit, but you can only really tell if you compare side by side to last year’s. My back page has not changed at all.

I encourage all of you to take what works for you and leave it, but if you must, update it a little by changing the font or making small changes – I’m talking 10 minutes or less. That way, your “tried and true” still has the feeling of “new,” and you’re still happy with it.

Here are my syllabi for this year:

French one:



AP French:




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