Infographic syllabus, year three

Hey everyone! I thought I'd share this year's infographic syllabus, since it's getting to be about that lovely back to school time! Last year I wrote all about how using the same resources is enough, and this year is no different. I decided to use the same syllabus that's been working for me for two years,... Continue Reading →

Self care 101

Hi! I'm Wendy. And I have a problem with making time for myself. The word "relax" is not a new word in my vocabulary, but a new concept to my life. My idea of "relaxing" is looking up every idea that comes across my mind, typing it into my phone until it leads me down... Continue Reading →

Manie Musicale 2018

Well friends, it is March and today is the day my brackets for #maniemusicale2018 got printed. It is not for lack of preparation, however. I'm more excited about this MMM than I have been about any previous, in part because I'm giving my students control over the bracket. Since about October, we've listened to a... Continue Reading →


If you happen to be a person who is discouraged, discouraged, or disheartened by the present situation of #langchat, please know that I feel that way too. If you happen to be a person who is looking for someone to blame for the present situation of #langchat, please know that I am the one who... Continue Reading →

I’ve got that Flipgrid FEVER

So, for a long time, people have been asking me about doing a Flipgrid post (here's looking at you, Alison!) and I think that it's pretty timely to do it now that Flipgrid's new features launched last night. I am proud and not at all ashamed to say that I spent last night from 8-9:30ish... Continue Reading →

First week plans: level 1

It's that time, isn't it? To share first week plans? I can't believe how fast July flew and August right behind it! Last year, lots of readers loved that I shared my first week plans for level one, and I plan on doing a modified version of those this year. Since I got SO many... Continue Reading →

My (same) infographic syllabus

I wrote recently that I planned on using the same syllabus for students as I did for last year, and that would be enough. (Raise your hand if you also sang that in your best Eliza Schuyler voice!) So, some of the things that were "enough:" My absent work policies How to meet with me (even... Continue Reading →

Same = enough

I cannot believe that it is August. And that August, as far as summer goes, is so SHORT! In my district, teachers go back on the 14th, and students return on the 17th, which is a jarring reality check after having the entire months of June and July off. Recently, I was having a talk... Continue Reading →

I don’t know what I (don’t) know

Can you believe that it's already "mid-to-late" July? I cannot and I know that the summer always flies by, but this one seems to be speeding ahead at a pace I cannot keep up with! Last week I had the amazing privilege to attend a College Board AP Training presented by Davara Potel, who, before... Continue Reading →

16-17 Reflections

Wow. This school year was crazy, and it went so quickly! During the middle, I thought I wouldn't make it out alive, but now that it's over, all I can talk about is how "fast" it went. I read a motivational post earlier this year that said something to the effect of, "why do we... Continue Reading →

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