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Whew. It’s been an interesting summer, and by interesting I mean I’ve gone into a cycle of being REALLY excited about next year, to curriculum planning, to stopping everything and being terrified of next year, and then not doing anything but binge watching Netflix.

No matter. Today I was able to create a decent (I think?) authentic resource after compiling a lot of the things that I’ve learned from other teachers. I was inspired by this post from both Sra Cottrell and Sra Drew. I’ve never been able to make loogares work for me in French, but while at Camp Musicuentos, another French teacher found and shared a site with me that you can use to rent houses in the country of your choice. It’s like couch surfing, but a lot better, user-friendly, and less sketchy. Not restaurant themed, but really cool for something like planning a trip to a country.

The website that I used is called Air BNB, and I love that you can set both your language preference and your currency preference – so you could choose USD or the currency of the location you’ve selected. You just need to enter the desired location, the dates (irrelevant for my technology-free needs) and it pops up with not only a map of the locations given, but GREAT pictures. Once you click, there are pictures, comments, lists of amenities, and a novice-friendly chart of how many beds, baths, etc. there are.

Whew. Now that I’m done geeking out about this amazing resource, I’ll share with you my dilemma: what questions I should ask. If there’s anything that I’ve learned in the past few months, it’s that your authentic resource is only as good as the questions you ask, and that the questions make it comprehensible for students. I thought about just remaking the questions from Sra Drew’s activity to fit my house-themed needs, but that felt a lot like plagiarizing, so now I’m stuck. I guess I need to figure out the point of the resource before I ask questions about it, so I guess I need to solidify the purpose of this resource within the unit.

What about you – what kind of questions would you ask? What might you change about it?
Here’s the resource; pretty comprehensible even if you don’t speak French.

A plus!


Update: as of July 16th, 2014, Airbnb has redesigned its website, and in my opinion, it makes it even MORE user-friendly and uses more icons/pictures – something that will definitely be a plus for our novice learners!