Fearless, step 4: Just go for it

Did you forget about my #oneword2015: fearless? To be honest, I almost did. If you haven't gathered based on my last several posts, I am moving school districts for the 2015-2016 and I'm really excited about it. I am very sad to leave my students, but really excited about where this opportunity takes my career... Continue Reading →

Intro to passé composé: film story

As a new teacher to comprehensible input, I always wonder how much I'm impacting my students. Clearly, I am not doing a perfect job, but I hope that the strides I am making will help my students each day. One day, I'll be totally 90%, but this first transition year is hard. That's one of... Continue Reading →

Fearless – step 2: Listen to advice

Hi everyone! I can't believe that it's finally Saturday - even with only 4 days this school week and two of those days where we were delayed for weather, I thought this week was the longest week EVER! Much like that first sentence. Since my post last year about storytelling, I've gotten really into it.... Continue Reading →

Fearless: step 1 – Target language use

Before I get into this post, I am not advocating that you charge ahead into decisions before you think them through. That would be irrational. And I am only occasionally irrational. Okay, so I've gotten some great feedback and varied interest about my #oneword2015 - fearless. Really, this was the push that I needed to take... Continue Reading →

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