16-17 Reflections

Wow. This school year was crazy, and it went so quickly! During the middle, I thought I wouldn't make it out alive, but now that it's over, all I can talk about is how "fast" it went. I read a motivational post earlier this year that said something to the effect of, "why do we... Continue Reading →


#OneWord2017 – Intentional

It's no secret that I had a rough 2016 - from beginning to end. I know that I'm not the only one, but it has inspired me to do another #oneword for the year - intentional. I love this #oneword because it speaks to both my personal and professional lives. The definition of "intentional" is one of... Continue Reading →

“I can” goal stamps

Wow, am I sad that I won't be at #ACTFL16 - it's only Monday and I'm already seeing so many great tweets and plans to meet up ... I'll have to be there with you in spirit! In other news, a lot of people have been asking to see my new document that includes I cans... Continue Reading →

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