Manie Musicale 2018

Well friends, it is March and today is the day my brackets for #maniemusicale2018 got printed.

It is not for lack of preparation, however. I’m more excited about this MMM than I have been about any previous, in part because I’m giving my students control over the bracket. Since about October, we’ve listened to a different French song every single Wednesday, and my students voted for their favorites from that list today. I added the top 16 to my bracket for the class.

Today also starts a unit on … MUSIC! I’m so excited to have this pair up with #maniemusicale, so I’m not even mad that my brackets will be ready after the 1st. I have some grandiose ideas about how to get kids talking about music, supporting their opinions, and researching French artists to compare to their favorite American ones.

I hope to post more later, but here’s my updated list for this year!

Papaoutai – Stromae
Est-ce que tu m’aimes – Maître Gims
Soul Man – Ben l’Oncle Soul
French Kiss – Black M
Je veux – Zaz
Moi Aimer Toi – Vianney
En feu – Soprano
J’ai cherché – Amir
Tombé sous le charme – Christophe Maé
On danse – M Pokora
Non non non – Camélia Jordana
Tourner dans le vide – Indila
Là-Bas – Generation Goldman/Baptiste Giabiconi et Marie Mai
Maman – Wissem
Elle me dit – MIKA
Andalouse – Kendji Girac


La Manie Musicale: year two!

Hey all, sorry to be absent from the blogosphere lately!

I’m just letting everyone know about my (really late!) plan for Manie Musicale. I had a lot of help choosing songs from Megan, who has a great list of songs for her upper levels. I wanted to change some things up from last year, because I’ve used some of last year’s choices in class already. (PS you can see last year’s logistics here)

Here’s my plan of songs for Manie Musicale:

  1. Papaoutai – Stromae VS Est-ce que tu m’aimes – Maître Gims
  2. Comme ci comme ça – Zaz VS Elle me dit – MIKA
  3. Place de la République – Coeur de Pirate VS Là-bas – Baptiste Giabiconi et Marie Mai
  4. US Boy – Jena Lee VS J’ai cherché – Amir
  5. Tombé sous le charme – Christophe Maé VS On danse – M. Pokora
  6. Tout ce que t’es pour moi – The Garlics ft. Amisiac VS Tourner dans le vide – Indila
  7. French Kiss – Black M VS Andalouse – Kendji Girac
  8. Le Sens de la Vie – Tal VS Avenir – Louane

Are you planning on doing Manie Musicale? I’d love to hear your choices and what you plan on doing!

Logistics: Manie Musicale

So, I’ve had a few people ask me how my #maniemusicale2o16 is going now that I’m actually into the fray.

The answer: pretty much as I expected, but we’re behind by about a day, maybe two from my original estimation. Here’s what I’ve been doing each day:

Round 1: The Sweet Sixteen

For the Sweet (original) 16 songs, we watched two videos per day. So, this took 8 days total. This round was for exposure, so we just watched two videos per day and voted immediately. We talked about which ones we liked and which videos were funny, cool, or weird. Some were weird and cool and funny (Papaoutai, anyone?!)

I keep all of the votes in a folder in my Google Drive, and it’s a really simple voting template. You can see an example here.

I had students watch the videos individually on their devices. My HS students have MacBooks and my MS students have iPads. I posted the link to my playlist on our Schoology page, so about two days into the start, they knew where to go and find the new videos. I wanted them to have access to the playlist so that they could find the information about their favorites and listen to them on their own if we found their “jam.”

Round 2: The Elite Eight (Les huits élites)

During this round, I wanted to not only re-familiarize students with each song that they picked in the first round, but get to know the songs a little bit better. We listen to one song each day, and vote every two days for this round.

I’ve done two types of activities here: cloze and “put the lyrics in order.” Then, we talk a little about the song and highlight some of the key structures. We’re working on the structures “je veux” and “je ne veux pas” right now, and SO MANY of the songs include that structure. It is WONDERFUL.

For the “put the lyrics in order” pages, I just group students in groups of two, and have them put only the chorus in order. I encourage them to follow along and sing if they want! All I do is copy/paste the lyrics, scramble them, and cut them out. I love to scramble them because some students try to just put the cut lines together and then they find out they’re wrong.

Dernière danse chorus

Place de la République chorus

For a cloze, I love Students can repeat, etc. by themselves, so it’s really great for students who get conscious if others write more than them. It works well because all of my students have a device, but you could also use paper. Also, did you know that now on LT, you can create your own activities? I love this because I pull out all the words that I want students to focus on in the song, so we can talk about those structures or reuse them afterward!!

Also, with LT, students can choose between typing the word they hear (write mode), or picking between 4 options (choice mode.) A lot of students prefer choice mode, which I love for novices, but I also try to challenge students to write if it’s a song they need a little differentiate. We turn it into a little competition for high scores, and some students like to replay to beat their previous score.

The only downside to this is that all of the songs I use on LT are SO repetitive. For songs like Papaoutai and On danse, I chose to do this because putting the chorus in order would have been too simple.

Here’s an example of a LT I made for Papaoutai. We were focusing on il vs. elle, the question “où,” and the connector “ou.” It was a little tricky for students in that way. I also recycled some vocab like family and descriptions.

Round 3: The Final Four (Les quatres qualifiées!)

We have not started this round yet. I plan on looking more closely at the chorus of each song in the final four and really trying to figure out what they’re saying. That way, students will know what they voted for, and not just which video was cool/which one was catchy/which one would annoy their classmates!

I will post activities here when we get there! :]

Round 4: The Championship Game

Again, we’re not here yet, so stay posted for my ideas on this. I’m thinking they’ll have to happen after spring break, so I’ll be mulling over possibilities for this! If you have suggestions, I’d love to know!

Update on #maniemusicale

Wow, thank you all so much for such a positive response on “La Manie Musicale.” I am glad that you could use it, and even more excited that your students are loving it

If you have already started, feel free to tweet your results on twitter using the hashtag: #maniemusicale2016. That way, our students can see different results and compare them, if they want to! :]


Also, if you’ll be at Central States this weekend, feel free to #langchat LIVE in the lobby of the Hilton hotel. Come anytime after 7PM, but the chat starts at the normal time of 8PM EST! I’m looking forward to meeting you all there! Yippee!

La Manie Musicale de mars!

Confession time: I LOVE music. Always have. When I was a teenager, you could always find me singing or listening to it, and instead of doodling, I wrote lyrics in the margins of my notes.

Second confession: I have barely used music in my classroom this year. Last year, due to a whole host of factors, listening to music became such a chore that this year I just removed it. Now, almost through 3rd quarter, I am really sad that I haven’t incorporated it. I’ve seen SO MUCH great stuff out there for a Spanish version of Music Madness and decided to run with it!

The setup:

Since I haven’t used music in my class, I didn’t have students vote on their favorite songs to use; I picked them all myself. Since they don’t have the exposure, I limited it to one (of my favorites, I’ll admit) song per artist/group.

I used this great bulletin board template that I got from Andrea; I just changed the Spanish titles to French and changed the title/champion pages a little. Me, being me, I couldn’t just print them in white (though no offense if that’s what you do!) – we have an amazing variety of colors in our copy room, and since my third favorite color is “rainbow,” I went with it. Here’s the bulletin board at one of my middle schools.


Note: I did group my preliminary round in groups that are similar. For example, if it’s a slow song with a female artist, I matched it with another song with a female lead that was slow. There are a few that are male vs. female. I know this “stacking” doesn’t give me an accurate picture of preferences, but I wanted my students to have exposure to different styles. In one round, I think students will dislike both songs, but have to pick their favorite of the two … I’m “mania”cal, I know.

The execution:

Since I teach at three different schools, I decided that I’m going to do two potentially “different” brackets – I’m going to make the high school votes into one bracket there, and use votes from my two middle schools on the bracket you see above. I realize that this may be hectic for me, but my HS and MS classes have very different interests and personalities. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I plan on having students watch two videos (I picked all acceptable videos for my purposes; but if you use my songs, please watch through them to make sure they’re appropriate for you and your school!) per day for the first 8 days of the bracket, and voting via Google Forms. Since I’m doing two different brackets, it should be easy enough to “make a copy” of one voting form for my other schools!

Then, for the second “round,” I plan on doing one song/video per day with an activity (cloze, arrange the chorus in order, etc.) They’ll vote on the second day, after getting to know each song a little better through these activities!

For the third “round,” I’m going to have students compare the songs to each other to explain their preference/vote. We just learned how to compare in my French 1 classes, and I think comparing the songs will be a great extension to this activity. I plan on using something similar to “Be the judge” by El Mundo de Birch (author unknown?) which you can find in the middle of the page here.

For this to work, I will have to start this Friday, February 26th. It will end by crowning the champion the day we leave for break, Wednesday March 23th. I don’t currently have a snow day plan. :]

The aftermath:

I plan to do something cool with the Champion, but I haven’t decided what that is yet. Maybe for the week or so after spring break, we can use it as song kind of brain break? I’d love your suggestions here! :]


If you’re looking for French resources, here’s my variation of Andrea’s bulletin board bracket. Feel free to use my songs, pick different ones, or change up the pairs in the first round!

If you wanted to see what I’m using, here’s the song list.
Here’s my playlist of the songs and their videos on YouTube. (However, “non non non” is no longer available in the US; I’m looking for a fix for this!)

If you’re looking to edit, I used this pages file. I used the font “KG Drops of Jupiter,” which you can download here. I can’t recommend KG fonts enough!
If you don’t have pages, here’s the word document. The formatting might be off, and you’ll have to change the font.
If you want to use the same songs as me, here’s the PDF.

I’d love to see how your bracket turns out! Feel free to share on twitter or in the comments!