Infographic syllabus, year three

Hey everyone! I thought I'd share this year's infographic syllabus, since it's getting to be about that lovely back to school time! Last year I wrote all about how using the same resources is enough, and this year is no different. I decided to use the same syllabus that's been working for me for two years,... Continue Reading →

My (same) infographic syllabus

I wrote recently that I planned on using the same syllabus for students as I did for last year, and that would be enough. (Raise your hand if you also sang that in your best Eliza Schuyler voice!) So, some of the things that were "enough:" My absent work policies How to meet with me (even... Continue Reading →

My new infographic syllabus!

If you've been following along with me on twitter, you might know that I was lamenting over not having a classroom to decorate this year. And, I mean, my last classroom was pretty adorable, if I may say so myself. I LOVE the color teal (or aqua, or turquoise) and I love patterns, so I went with... Continue Reading →

My infographic syllabus!

I know that it's the beginning of the summer (though July is right around the corner!) and that I should be "relaxing," but with my new school, moving later this summer, and iFLT in mid-July, I've got to get some of the ground work for my classes laid now! That being said, I jumped on... Continue Reading →

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